FedEx Shipping Cost Estimate


The FedEx Shipping Cost Estimate module accesses FedEx to calculate the shipping cost. If you have an existing FedEx account, you can use that account number. If you do not presently have an a FedEx account, visit the FedEx website,, and click the Open an Account link.

FedEx uses OpenSSL, which your host should already have installed. Contact your host if you see an error about not being able to load OpenSSL files.

The FedEx Shipping Cost Estimate module calculations are based on one package per order.

  1. Select Default Test, Default Production, or Other for the FedEx server you will be using. Choose Default Production when you go live. Remember, nothing is being charged, the module calculates the shipping cost estimate.

  2. Enter your FedEx Account Number.

  3. If you do not have a FedEx account, go to

  4. Enter the Meter Number. If you do not have one, Miva Merchant will generate one for you.

  5. If you want to add a Handling Charge, choose one or more charges:

      • Base Handling: a fixed amount

      • Percent Handling: a percent of each order 's shipping cost that is shipped via FedEx

      • Minimum Handling: the minimum shipping amount for each order that is shipped via FedEx.

  6. Select the Drop Off type. These are the available selections:

      • Regular Pickup

      • Request Courier

      • Drop Box

      • Drop at BSC (a Ship Center)

      • Drop at Station (a FedEx World Service Center)

  7. Check the box next to Signature required for home delivery, as applicable.

  8. FedEx may charge an additional amount for this, so if you want the shipping cost estimate to include this amount, check the box.

  9. Check the boxes for the service you want and uncheck those you do not want to offer to your customers.

  10. Visit FedEx at for descriptions of these ways to ship.