Working with Version Histories

Many features in Miva Merchant provide a way to save settings in a version history list with a descriptive note like "Holiday Buttons" for the navigation bar or "New Store Colors" for an updated version of the <body> tag. This gives you the freedom to experiment with new settings and if needed, recall an earlier version all the way back to the original default settings. You can also create and save settings for specific purposes to use at certain times.

For example, if you have a sale at the end of each month, you might modify the global headers and footers in your store with special text or graphics. You can save the header and footer with notes describing their purpose and each time the sale is on, simply recall those versions from the list.

Saving and recalling versions applies to each feature independently. You could have three saved versions of the navigation bar settings and six versions of the storefront welcome message. Recalling a given version of one would have no affect on the other.

Whether you are working in the standard Point + Click Mode or editing HTML manually in Advanced Mode, you can save the state of your settings at any point by clicking Update. If there have been no changes made since the last update no new version will be created.


Each time you click Update and save a new version, a descriptive comment is saved with it. This will appear in the Versions drop-down list. Use brief wording to describe your changes.

If several people are involved with maintaining the store, you might also want to include the name or initials or the person making the changes, such as "Corrected spelling error Morgan."


All versions are available in this drop-down list. To change to another version, or to use another version as a starting point for creating a new version, do the following:

Select the version you want from the Versions drop-down list.

If you roll back to an earlier version, the later versions will still be available in your version list.

Changes made in either mode, Point + Click, or Advanced, are both saved as versions in the same list.

For features that can be configured using wizards, the settings created by the wizard are saved as a version, and noted in the version list with the wizard name, along with the time and date.


Click Recall after selecting a version from the drop-down list. This updates the settings on the screen to reflect those saved with that version. You can make changes, if needed, using the recalled version as a starting point. Whether you make additional changes or not, remember to click Update to put the settings into effect in your store.

Clear History

There is no limit to the number of versions you can keep in history. There may be times when you determine that you will not be needing any of the old saved versions, such as if you were to completely re-do the look of your store.

If you wish to erase all of your past versions, leaving only the current settings, and the original default settings, click Clear History. You will be asked for confirmation ("Are you sure...?"). Click OK to proceed.

After history is cleared, only the original settings, and the current version will be available. This is handled separately for each feature. That is, clearing the version history for one feature will not affect the version history for any other features.